another kind of workshop

While Another Kind of Workshop (b1a) consists of individuals mostly from the discipline of architecture, it tries to bring borders into discussion with the participation of individuals from disciplines other than architecture, because borders are human-made and the production of space is not just the issue of architects. B1a brings into discussion, via site-space, not only borders, but also the concepts of class, ownership, justice, equality, ecology, gender, species, nature, education and all other social contexts.


b1a started its studies in 2011 and started off with organic bonds to the Department of Architecture at the Architecture and Design Faculty of Kocaeli University in September 2015, and it focuses on the impact of the – architectural - educational environment on the individual and on society. b1a is activist; it establishes partnerships for a better, equal, fair and free world; there are other groups it intersects with, it shares its means with them and takes action with such groups. As it believes that life is about daily, ordinary things, it examines the local setting it is part of, or it observes, and serves the local environment upon requests from the local. B1a dreams of, researches and experiences a different perception and production of space for a different world.




Another Workshop has been updated since September 2018 and continues

multi-disciplinary productions.